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GN Netcom Adapters and Accessories
GN 1000 RHL
LIST: $75
TSE Price: $60

The GN 1000 Remote Handset Lifter is the perfect accessory for your GN Netcom wireless headset system. With the GN 1000, you can answer and end calls, from wherever your wireless headset takes you. Itís easy to install, and its one-button operation means ease of use.

The GN 1000 senses the magnetic field the speaker generates when your phone rings, which means you'll never miss a call or be signaled when there isnít a call. Its solid mechanical lifting components wonít let you down either. Itís compatible with and works with virtually all business telephones.

Product Features Include:
  • Remote handset lifter for use with wireless headsets.
  • Reliably answer and end calls while away from your desk.
  • Based on the most advanced technology & solid components.
Product User Guide         Data Sheet - Multi Language

GN 8000 AMP
LIST: $110
TSE Price: $85

The GN 8000 multipurpose amplifier connects a headset to virtually any phone. It enhances the quality of calls by reducing background noise and providing a consistent, volume level for calls. It also provides advanced hearing protection, and comes with headset/handset switch to easily direct your calls.

Product Features Include:
  • Universal telephone compatibility
  • Voice compression, voice switching
  • Headset/handset switch, sliding volume control, clickless mute switch
  • Built-in headset stand
  • Extended battery life
GN 8000 Data Sheet         GN 8000 User Guide

GN 8210 AMP
LIST: $140
TSE Price: $99

The completely digital GN 8210 amplifier utilizes state-of-the-art, Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology throughout to provide a flexible, customizable amplifier that gives the best sound quality with the highest degrees of protection against acoustic exposure and shock.

The GN 8210 dramatically reduces incoming background noise by digitally enhancing the incoming signal and filtering out the incoming background noise. Its incoming volume adjustment feature automatically keeps the volume of all incoming calls at the same user-set level, and the adjustable audio/protection modes let the user tailor the GN 8210 to individual environments and preferences.

Product Features Include:
  • Reduce background noise on the incoming callerís signal
  • Automatically adjusts the volume of the incoming caller
  • Unsurpassed acoustic protection
  • Adjustable acoustic settings
Quick Setup Guide         Product User Guide

LIST: $106
TSE Price: $70

The AT3 is a telephone amplifier for phone systems requiring a PJ 327 Plug Prong interface. It is a unique product that offers a field replaceable headset cord and a 90į bend to minimize space and position the controls for easy access. Additional product features include full range volume control, voice switching to further reduce background noise when the agent is not speaking, GN Netcomís FailSafeô Compression to ensure constant speaker output, as well as our patent pending circuit that precisely intercepts acoustic spikes.

Product Features Include:
  • Mute and no mute version
  • Mute LED to indicate when the mute mode is activated
  • Full range volume control enables users to set comfort level
  • Voice switching to eliminate background noise when user is not speaking
  • FailSafe Compression to provide a constant output level with varying input signals; boost the weak and reduce the strong.
  • A patent pending circuit that prevents clipping and distortion as well as safe guards the user against acoustic spikes
  • Field replaceable headset cord
  • Unique 90į bendable housing to minimize space usage
AT3 2 Prong Adaptor Data Sheet         Product User Guide

Plantronics Adapters and Accessories
HL 10
LIST: $79
TSE Price: $65

HL10 handset lifter fits on your telephone, letting you answer calls with the touch of a button, conveniently and automatically takes your handset off hook.

Product Features Include:
  • Automatically lifts handset and returns it to the cradle
  • Enables remote or one touch call answer/end with your Plantronics headset
  • For Plantronics cordless CS50, CS10 and CA10 telephone headset systems
  • Works with Plantronics S20 and A20 telephone headset systems
  • No desktop footprint
  • Compatible with most standard desktop phones
  • Fast operation
HL 10 Remote Handset Lifter Data Sheet

Vista M12
LIST: $120
TSE Price: $90

The M12 Vista Universal Amplifier connects Plantronics headsets to just about any modular single or multi-line phone and offer ergonomically designed volume, headset/handset, and mute controls. Connects Plantronics headsets to most single or multi-line telephones.

Product Features Include:

  • Receive and transmit volume control
  • Headset/Handset selector
  • Connects to most single or multi-line phones

Product Brochure / Data Sheet         User Guide

P10 Adaptor
LIST: $110
TSE Price: $80

Just plug the P10 into your operator console, PBX, or ACD, then plug in your headset. The P10 delivers Plantronics famous sound quality and ease of use. Its volume and automatic gain controls let you adjust incoming calls to a listening level that's comfortable for you. Comes with handy Quick Disconnect feature and 10-foot coil cord.

Product Features Include:
  • Plugs into operator consoles, PBXs and most carbon ACDs
  • Easy to install and use
  • Durable and portable
  • Volume adjust and automatic gain control
  • Quick Disconnect for added freedom
Product Brochure / Data Sheet         User Guide

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