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ORDERS: 800-622-0503
TEL: 603-622-0500
FAX: 603-644-7073
EMAIL: info@tse-isdn.com

Company Profile

    Telephone Systems Efficiency, Inc. (TSE) is a National wholesale distributor of ISDN terminals, terminal adapters, NT-1s, and other related ISDN common equipment. TSE began marketing ISDN products nationally in 1994. By focusing on ISDN products exclusively, our customer base of dealers, state agencies, Bell companies, and large corporations has grown rapidly. Our reputation as one of the leading ISDN equipment suppliers in the country was built by providing quality products and reliable customer service.

    The TSE ISDN lab maintains state of the art equipment for testing and refurbishing, which includes provisioning for either National Standard and or 5ESS Custom. The lab features computerized diagnostics for AT&T (Lucent) ISDN Telephones and the ability to setup and test "point-to-point" with local power, or complex "passive bus" arrangements with centralized bulk power.

    TSE product line includes products manufactured by Lucent (AT&T), Fujitsu, Digital Transmission Corporation, Alpha Telecom, SEI, and Tone Commander. Also available are, refurbished "manufacturer discontinued" telephones, NT-1s, power supplies, racks, terminal adapters, and ISDN consoles. Marketing is done through several national telecommunications equipment magazines and via the World Wide Web. Orders are received through our nationwide 800 number and are shipped the same day via UPS. With over 500 components in stock and a computerized bar-code inventory system, TSE is ready to fill your next order.

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