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Scitec Centrex Telephones
The low-cost, feature-rich line powered STC-7003 Caller ID set requires no batteries or AC adaptor, and is equipped with a standard multi-function NEON/LED/Centrex message waiting light for convenient plug 'n play installation.
Product Features Include:
  • Single-Line Caller ID Speakerphone
  • Type II Caller ID
  • Caller ID Up/Down/Delete/Set/Pause Keys
  • 9 Programmable Feature Keys
  • NEON/Centrex Message Waiting Light
  • Data Port
  • Hands-Free Key
  • Store Key
  • Pause Key
  • Flash Key
  • Mute Key
  • Redial Key
  • Volume Control Rocker Key
  • HI/LO/OFF Ringer Control
  • ADA-Compliant Volume Control
  • Desk or Wall Mountable
  • Available in Black and Gray
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The multi-purpose line-powered 5S-c Caller ID set requires no batteries or AC adaptor and is equipped with a multi-function NEON/LED/Centrex message waiting light. Preferred by major universities nationwide, the 5S-c offers true plug 'n play performance at up to 75% below the cost of comparable digital sets. Migrates to analog port IP applications.
Product Features Include:
  • Single-Line Speakerphone
  • Line-Powered Type II Caller ID
  • Supports both Caller ID Type I (on hook) and Type II (call waiting)
  • Type II Caller ID may be disabled
  • Retains up to 60 messages in memory
  • Requires no batteries or AC adaptor
  • Operates during power outage
  • Migrates to IP switch applications
  • Area Code and Up To 15 Characters May Be Programmed in CID Display
  • Caller ID Scroll Bar
  • CID Dial Key
  • CID Delete Key
  • 5 Programmable Feature Keys
  • Multi-function NEON/LED/Centrex Message Waiting Light Touchbar
  • Data Port
  • Hands-Free, Mute, and Volume Control Keys
  • Last Number Called Redial Key
  • Flash Key with Adjustable Flash and Pause Times
  • Programmable Hold Key for Local Hold or PBX Hold Memory Key
  • HI/LO/Off Ringer Control
  • 12" Line Cord Available for Wall Mounting
  • ADA-Compliant Volume Control
  • Desk or Wall Mountable
  • Available in Black and Gray
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