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Fujitsu ISDN Telephones
6 Line Apperances             18 Line Apperances             30 Line Apperances

  - Available 5ESS Custom, National, and DMS
- Speakerphone
- Tilt LCD 2 x 24
- Intercom Voice Announce
- Auto Answer
- Caller ID
- Unanswered Call Logging (8)
- Local Directory for 32 numbers
- Call duration display
- Full Key System funtionality
- Simplified conference and transfer
- One button access to Centrex features
- Online software upgrades
- DMS 100 capability
- Auto Spid capability
- Black or White

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Lucent ISDN Telephones
>> MANUFACTURER >> LUCENT >> MODELS >> i2021, i2022
16 Line Apperances                      32 Line Apperances

Introducing the newest addition to the Lucent Technologies ISDN product line: The Next Generation (ISDN) iPhones. They offer complete flexibility and ease of installation. These sets can be optioned with data, analog sister phones, SIM smart cards, and built-in network termination cards.

  - Add on Module, i2022
- Analog interface, i2022
- Tilt LCD
- i2021 2 x 24 character display
- i2022 4 x 27 character display
- Multi-Language
- API & TAPI Interface, i2022
- Full Duplex Speaker, i2022
- Sister Analog Phones
- Remote Firmware upgrades
- Flash Programming
- SIM Smart Card, i2021
- Supports Private Branding
- Black or Misty Cream

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Tone Commander ISDN Telephones
>> MANUFACTURER >> TONE COMMANDER >> MODELS >> 6210, 6220, 6030X
10 Line Apperances             20 Line Apperances             Expansion Module

Tone Commander's new 6210 and 6220 ISDN phones have set new standards for, high quality, low cost, full-featured ISDN phones. Models include 10 key and 20 key sets that are set up for either S/T or U line configuration. These telephones are affordable, quick to install, easy to use and reliable.

  - "S/T" or "U" Interface Models
- Speakerphone
- Plug & Play: Auto Switch Detection
- Speakerphone
- Caller ID (30)
- Call Logging, with date, time, and duration
- Tilt LCD Display 2 x 24
- DSS / BLF indicators
- Call Preview, identifies additonal incoming calls
- Software upgradeable via remote server

The new 6030X Expansion Module adds 30 multifunction keys to any Tone Commander 6210 or 6220 ISDN Telephone. These additional multifunction keys can be set up as Call Appearance keys, speed dial keys, Direct Station Select keys, or Feature Activator keys. All multifunction keys have both red and green lamp indicators for easy status viewing. Click here for a brochure

Also Available: The new Model 6001TA Terminal Adapter add-on base can now be controlled by a TAPI-compliant Windows computer application program. The phones connect to a standard computer serial port. Click here for more details.

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Tone Commander ISDN Consoles

Tone Commander announces the introduction of several enhancements to their family of ISDN Centrex Consoles. ISDN allows the operator position in a Centrex network the highest level of call processing capabilities. With the new enhancements, a Centrex network can look and feel like a PABX.

New features of the 2260d and 40d120 consoles include:

- Voice Mail Access
- Flexible Busy Lamp Field Mapping
- Setup and Statistics Password Protection
- Bad Call Appearance Notification
- Call Appearance Testing
- Dialing Plan supports Area Code Splitting and Multiple Prefixes
- Lower Minimum Ringer Volume Level and "Ringer Off" Indication

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